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Daytime Hibernators

Things That Go Bump In The Night
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
First off, if the community name fooled you into thinking this is some sort of vampire RP community, I’m sorry to disappoint. You’ll have to move your intentions elsewhere.

This community has been created to establish a forum where all the insomniacs, night owls, distressed, heartbroken, traumatized, intellectually brilliant, the just plain silly, artistic expressionists, etc. can write out their thoughts or showcase some nocturnal creations that only seems to come with absurd clarity during the deep layers of nighttime darkness.

Don’t ask me, I don’t know why either. My half-assed theory is that the subconscious self seems to align itself more closely with the waking consciousness with all that synapses buzzing more frenetically during nightfall – maybe because you are supposed to be asleep.

As far as rules and restrictions as to what can be posted here – anything goes.

For whatever your reason is for being up, (sleeping disorders/psychological clamor/restlessness/etc.), tell us about your revenge fantasies, how lovingly your hangnails curl in, most recent heartbreak, the photos/drawings/claymation/paintings/writing/psycheldelic drugs you concoct at 3AM in the morning. Go on a cerebral spiel, spark a debate, purge, spew anecdotes, describe your negative moods, identity crises – you get the point. The stranger, the better. By god, do I embrace diverse absurdity and meanings. Honesty also never gets old. Nights can get long and quite lonely (I’m sure the existentialist attitude is most rampant during these hours). Express it or spice it up.

I’m sure this type of community is one of a myriad of others, in terms of the overall theme, but I hope this one can be creative/productive, (in whatever form it may come in), as much as it can be a catharsis.

I also made an option for those who would like to post something personal and intimate, without forsaking their privacy or discretion. You can post anonymously underneath the maintainer’s username:

Username: nocturalhabits
Password: sleepless0

This is particularly useful if you are posting some traumatic event in your life, or sensitive material that might appall/offend some people, and otherwise.

Although I said there are no rules, I would like to ask members to keep basic considerations in mind:

1) Be respectful of entries that people post. If you directly insult the person by calling them names and trying to start stupid flame wars or asinine drama, I will be forced to ban you. And I’ll sleep like a log afterward (if I’m able to).
2) Normally, this community does not enforce an LJ-cut or put any restrictions of size to any images you may post. However, I realize that a lot of people read LJ at work, so if your images contain any sort of nudity, please put them behind one for the sake of not risking the stellar careers of our loyal readers.
3) NO FUCKING LJ-CUTS! Finally! Of course, if you choose to do one, I have no beef against that, but generally, it is definitely not required and I encourage people to just slap on what you got on the front page.
4) If you choose to advertise this community on your LJ, or elsewhere, that is certainly welcome – but again, it is not required. This is an open membership community and I would love to have anyone interested come and participate. I’m fine with a humongous community, or a small one, or something in between. However, I know that small communities have issues keeping things alive and active, so I hope if this does become one of the smaller communities, members will maintain the livelihood as much as they can. I know people lead busy lives, but c’mon, if you are on LJ, it’s not THAT busy.
5) PLEASE try to keep this community less about the complaints of the lack of sleep you are having, and more about the creative/contemplative products that result from it.

I suppose all starting communities are experimental, so if this one ends in a flop, I’ll try not to become embittered and vengeful. But, for the sake of my sanity, and for many others, I’m presuming, let’s give it all we got, comrades!

I’m sure all the neurosis that proliferate our sleepless selves will be sorely appreciative.

Email any questions/complaints to: nocturnalhabit@gmail.com